My Work

I’ve worked in the radio sector mainly, and here are some examples of my work:

This is an interview with a band who were signed to a record label I formed as part of my group project work in my third year undergraduate degree. This material would have been used on the website and downloadable as a podcast:

This is a podcast with information about Adamsdown Prison, which was made for a hyperlocal blog which no longer exists:

For my student radio show ‘Amy In The Studio’ on Tequila Radio a Facebook Page and a Tumblr blog were made to give additional information to listeners and a great opportunity to receive feedback during shows, and enable competitions further. The Facebook page is still used for the radio show today, the Tumblr blog was used between September 2010-July 2011 and the blog is a new addition with additional content away from the radio show:

Amy In The Studio Facebook

Amy In The Studio Tumblr

Amy In The Studio Blog

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