I’m Amy E G Smith and I currently study MA Multiplatform Radio.

My motivation for journalism is to better the output of my broadcasts on various platforms of radio.

Journalism is a source of interest for me after spending three years, in total, across 2 hospital radio stations, and I’m now in my fourth year on a student radio station. It’s also relevant to me, through my fascination with ethics and regulations in media. Sachsgate and the current phone hacking scandal are two recent events that have really made me wonder where the line between good and bad journalism is.

After broadcasting for a while, it became clear to me that being on the radio isn’t enough; having something different and fresh to say, and articulating it properly, is much more important. So I set about teaching myself the basics in feature writing and script writing, spending as much as three hours researching for an hour’s show. In doing this, I noticed a dramatic rise in the quality of my output, so continued to do more work for every show. The more I researched my broadcasts, I found less of a need to script my shows; the words became more natural, however, the content was still highly researched and pre-empted.

Last summer, I secured an undergraduate degree in BSc (Hons) Sound Technology, so I now have the technical know-how I need to succeed in radio. However, after teaching myself for so long, I would like to lose my bad habits and start to learn new ways of finding information, and learn how to put a new spin on radio features. I know journalism will help endlessly, not only in helping to voice my features more effectively, but also to create an online profile to sit alongside the radio shows I create, to further the experience of the broadcast.

To see my full CV, see my LinkedIn profile.

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