Work Experience: yourCardiff Day 2

Posted on August 30, 2012


Unfortunately I was only able to do two days work experience with Jess in the Media Wales office. This is a blog documenting the second day.

Today started with flicking through the newspapers to see the article that Jess and I wrote yesterday morning had made it into the Echo:


The story Jess was covering yesterday afternoon had been picked up by an Echo reporter and transformed into the front page story.

After flipping through the papers, Jess asked me to finish the article I started yesterday. The final part of this article, was to add a map with detailed information. Joni had showed us how to do this in class, though I had trouble applying it. Jess showed me again how to create my own Google map. It seemed much easier than I remembered. Like the article, this was a tedious process that took time, though it was much easier than when I had used it for my assignment in the first term. I’m not sure how I was doing it before, but I’m sure I made the process harder than it actually is.

Jess likes adding maps to her articles, and I must say, after spending two days writing articles with her, I can see why. They add so much information that words simply can’t. Especially for the article I had written. This map made the article ten times better and about half the length it would have been otherwise: much more manageable. Jess and I then found some photos to add to the article to give a bit more detail. You can see the finished article here. I’m very proud of all the hard work that went into it!

After this article, I wrote a short article on a showcase opening in Cardiff this weekend. This article was written from a press release. Jess explained that a lot of her work involves rewriting press releases though she tries to dig around online for more info and where she can she’ll talk to people. This article will be uploaded tomorrow.

Jess then asked me if I would be confident enough to conduct a telephone interview after lunch. I was nervous, as my track record with telephone interviews is not exactly glowing. Jess talked me through how best to conduct a telephone interview. She explained that usually people have an idea of what they want to say, so let them and take notes. Keep the questions you want to ask to one side whilst they talk initially. Then start asking your questions and ask more you think of, and jot down the answers too. She told me, don’t be afraid to ask the same questions several times over. I prepared my questions before leaving for lunch and read over all the information I could in preparation.

Returning from lunch, I checked my questions with Jess and she thought they were fine. So I went ahead and rang my interviewee. She was a lovely woman, and was more than happy to discuss her project with me. I got all the answers I wanted and asked if it was OK if I had anymore follow-up questions if I rang her back, which she said was fine. I penned the first draft and took it to Jess. Jess explained that my writing style was fine, but there were still some questions hanging: I needed to dig deeper. So I rang my interviewee back with some questions suggested to me by Jess. I then re-wrote the article. The transformation was incredible. The article went from standard information, to something which conveyed the passion of my interviewee and brought the project to life. I’m looking forward to checking out the exhibition myself! I’m very proud of this particular article. You can read it here.

I then wrote another piece from a press release about a new Refugee Football League which starts this weekend. This article will be published tomorrow.

With the help of Jess, I’ve written a couple of articles that I’m really proud of during my time with her at yourCardiff. I’m amazed by the amount of work she does and really respect everything she does. I’m eager to help her as much as I can in future, to add to my portfolio, but also to help with the work load. yourCardiff is a great project involved with the community.