Work Experience: Ridge Radio Day 4

Posted on August 24, 2012


Today was my final official day at Ridge Radio, and earlier in the week Mark, chairman and station manager, had said that I would be taking the role of station manager today.

However, this fell through when Mark was unable to accompany me for the day. So I was handed to Peter to shadow and accompany for the day.

Peter still wanted me to have a station manager style experience so asked me to write down everything I thought was wrong with the station and detail how I would correct it. This, he explained, would then be considered by the committee and they would consider what I thought was flawed, or was not succeeding in the way that it should and then consider my plan of action.

The idea was that this would take the morning and in the afternoon, after lunch I would accompany Peter to Orpheus with whom Ridge work closely with. Unfortunately, the open letter to Mark and the committee took longer than planned. I quickly discovered that instead of writing the problems and straightforward answers of how to go about fixing them, I should fix them and offer the fixes to Mark and the committee instead. So instead of listing all the social media problems, I outlined the main ones, then wrote a social media policy from scratch to fit with what I see Ridge Radio to be. It can now simply be altered by Mark and the Ridge Radio team instead of me answering all the problems with one sentence: come up with a social media policy.

However, this means that once I return to Cardiff, I have more work to do to help Ridge Radio. Something I’m very excited about. Even though I don’t live locally and can’t help Ridge more, I can at least lend my expertise from afar.

So the letter and the policies (I intend to draft a music policy for them still too, amongst other things) are still open ended, but I feel I’m helping achieve much more here at Ridge than I ever intended to, and that I have more applicable skills than I thought I had too.

I then headed to Orpheus with Peter. Orpheus is a performing arts college for disabled students in Surrey set up by Sir Richard Stilgoe. The students have created most of the jingles that can be heard on Ridge Radio. Peter spoke very highly of the students and the staff at this facility and I felt honoured to accompany him there.

We visited for a short afternoon concert and to talk to two of the members of the staff in the hope of negotiating a few more jingles for the station. It was great to see a community station helping a local performing arts school use it’s facilities and engage the students in something that will make a difference. This was the epitome of what I expected to see at Ridge and I was excited to see it in action.

From this experience overall, I’ve discovered that so much that I’ve learnt, not only from the Masters course, but from my undergraduate course too, is applicable in everyday life, even at a community radio station. I can honestly say I’m upset that I don’t live in the Tandridge area and that I can’t volunteer more of my time and knowledge to making the station a better place.

Thank you to Mark, Sally and Peter who have made my time here interesting. I’ve learnt a lot whilst I was here, but I’ve been able to apply my knowledge too. I hope we both walk away with something!