Work Experience: Ridge Radio Day 3

Posted on August 23, 2012


Today was a slow day. Unfortunately, whilst I am here on work experience, Mark, Sally and Peter are all battling with a personal issue. This has both a detrimental and positive effect on my experience.

It has a detrimental effect as they often leave me long periods of time without explicit instructions. However, as a glass half full kind of girl, I see that as a great opportunity to try and take some of the burden of Ridge Radio off their shoulders and use my initiative to get on with things.

I started today putting the finishing touches on the invites and posters I started last night. I finished the first draft of one last night, but Peter had notes on what he wanted changed. Sally handed me the information she wanted on the other invite. Below you can see both the invites I designed. The blurring is intentional, as it has personal information that should not be published online.

These were given the final OK from Sally, Peter and Mark.

I then went ahead and put the final touches on my show for later and printed my script and my running order. These can be downloaded from the previous links.

During my show, I edited bits of the script where I over-ran and added additional material where necesary. I recorded my show whilst on air. I shall edit and upload a short podcast here at a later date.

Finally, I attended Broadcast Club, which is run by Peter. He explained that during the holidays, it doesn’t officially run. So the two boys who showed up simply put a show out on air. A crucial point was raised during this broadcast. One of the boys wanted to talk about the Prince Harry scandal, whilst the other thought it was inappropriate. Whilst Peter was perfectly capable of filling in the boys on taste and decency on air, I was able to fill the gaps that could lead to defamation. I was pleased to be able to recall the information I needed. Peter had been explaining that he teaches modules to the broadcast club that he thinks are necessary. I asked him if he had a media law module, to which his response was ‘no’. Although my background isn’t extensive, I have a keen interest in this area, so I have offered to write a module for Peter to use at the broadcast club. I’m keen to ensure the facts are learnt whilst ensuring they are not boring. Craig and James certainly achieved this from my point of view on our law, ethics and regulations module, I can only hope that I will be able to do this in writing for Peter and his students.

During this show, I also noticed that within the two hours, they played two Maroon 5 tracks. Now, I am a massive Maroon 5 fan, but without a feature to back that decision, there is no reason why they played these two tracks within the same show. I pointed this out to Peter, who hadn’t noticed, and when the show finished he bought it up with the boys who had no excuse. The boys also played Carly Rae Jepson – Call Me Maybe, which I had played at the end of my show hours beforehand. Unfortunately the play-out system that they use in the studio doesn’t mark what tracks have been recently played, and it made me wonder how often that happens.

Finally, I talked to Peter about some ideas I had for the station. Primarily that Mark was the only one with access to the Facebook page and the Twitter account. I appreciate with Facebook, it can be a little harder, but with Twitter at least, I felt that the presenters on air should have access to the ‘official’ Ridge Radio twitter page. I hadn’t given a second thought to this until I was on air and found it difficult to give out contact details for people to get in touch with the show. I gave out my own personal Twitter account which is far less than ideal. Peter thought this was a great idea and suggested that I put the idea to Mark.

Tomorrow my role will be much greater than that of the last few days. Now I feel a little more familiar with Ridge Radio, I can honestly say I will be gutted to finish tomorrow.