Work Experience: Ridge Radio Day 2

Posted on August 22, 2012


Day 2 was a little more hands on than day 1.

Today, I was left mostly in the capable hands of Sally, who seems to be mostly in charge of admin.

My first task was to write a few trails. Trails at Ridge Radio means finding local events and writing the basic information. These documents then get double spaced, printed and put into a folder in the studio. These are then read out on air until the event happens. Preparing these short statements took me back to writing news reads for Exposure, which was one of my favourite tasks on the project. I would have liked to have tried to contact the event organisers and put together some packages to be simply played out as and when needed with interviews and more information, however this was surplus to requirement.

My second task, and the task that consumed me for the remainder of the day, was putting together my show ready for tomorrow. I used the playlist and script templates that I used during Exposure. Mark showed me yesterday a few playlists that were submitted to him to show me what he expected. It was alarming to find that every single one was different. There was no standard format. Would it really be so difficult to create a template that was easy for everyone to use? Perhaps with the Ridge Radio logo on the top? This is that I had found at both hospital radio stations I have worked with, and they were found in the studio, and were available to download from a communal site too if you needed these forms at home.

Whilst I was busy researching, studying and writing ready for my show tomorrow (which is at 2pm on Peter accosted me and suggested that whilst no show was playing out and the system was automated, I could introduce the news at the top of the hour, come out with a jingle and switch back to auto. Not the most difficult of tasks, but my first on-air task at Ridge, and my first in months since Tequila Radio shut-up shop for the summer. It went as well as could be expected and Peter questionned what I was preparing for my show for the following day. One of my favourite features (Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue – where I pick a song for each) actually used to be one of his favourites and he had used it too. Encouraging, as Peter spent most of his working life with the BBC.

I then headed home, and Sally has left me with a task to work on over night. There are a few social events happening in the coming weeks and invites need to be knocked up for them. My job is to put together simple and elegant invites to fundraising and social events in the calendar.

Not the most taxing day, but a long and hard one, very much applying skills I honed on the Exposure project.