Young volunteers make Christmas breakfast for less fortunate

Posted on December 24, 2011


Tomorrow morning (Christmas morning) volunteers from Make a Difference in Milton Keynes will make a hot Christmas breakfast for those less fortunate.

The breakfast will be served in the new ‘Modern Youth & Community Hub’ The Buszy where between 8:30am – 10:30am volunteers will be dishing up the cooked breakfast, free of charge.

Events organiser, Denise Davis-Boreham (46) explained that the food donations “have mainly come from the OU, the Open University. The staff there have got together and got the food” and other donations have come from Make a Difference volunteers who could not give their time up on Christmas morning.

It’s not just breakfast that will be provided by the volunteers. Davis-Boreham said that “we’re going to be doing some activities, we’re going to be showing a film. So it’s going to be a social event as well as a meal.” Connexions in Milton Keynes has also donated 50 presents, so there will be gift giving on the day too.

“It’s run by volunteers on the day, we’re just opening up the building for that to happen”. The idea for the breakfast is to give not only the homeless, but also those who can’t afford to eat well a hearty meal on Christmas day.

The team are expecting to cater for approximately 50 people. On Thursday nights in Fishermead, Milton Keynes, an organisation offers a cooked dinner who regularly receive 50+ people, so Davis-Boreham says “we’re catering for that amount in the hope we get as many as that come along”.

This isn’t the first Christmas breakfast the organisation have put on. Previously, they did a cooked breakfast in the YMCA on Christmas day. The change in location is primarily because The Buszy is their own building, and it is located centrally to the city.

Another reason was that at the YMCA, the cooked breakfast was only available to those who had stayed the night there. Davis-Boreham explained “We were trying to open this one up so that it’s not just homeless people, it might be families living in B&B who don’t have access to kitchen facilities. Maybe people who don’t have anything to do on Christmas morning and would like some company.”

A wide range of volunteers have put themselves forward to help on Christmas morning, including families, who will be donating their time.

Make a Difference are hoping to “hook-up” with Foodcycle in London, who will train their volunteers and share their ideas so that Milton Keynes Make a Difference will become a franchise with them.

They’re hoping to make their free hot breakfast a monthly event.

The Buszy is open everyday

If you’d like more information about how to get involved with Make a Difference, you can sign up via their website.

Here is a map of the locations outlined above:

Here is the full audio interview with Denise Davis-Boreham:

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